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Why Choose?

The Startup Visa

Canada’s Startup Visa program targets immigrant entrepreneurs who possess skills and can build a business in Canada. The business needs to be innovative, have the potential to create local jobs and is scalable at the global level.
If you have an innovative business idea, get in touch. We will provide you with a clear and straightforward roadmap of action. We will support, guide, and lead the way, so you navigate the complexities of the process without confusion and errors.

Benefits of The Startup Visa ​

Getting Ready

  • Business Intake Planning
  • Business Plan
  • Application Process
  • After you have applied Coaching
Business Intake Planning

Business Intake Planning

A strong business proposal is your top priority to be successful in the process. It is an ultimate document that demonstrates the value of your vision, concept, and practical steps you will take once given an opportunity. There are several aspects to consider. Our team of subject matter experts pays attention to each part of a winning proposal required for the Entrepreneur visa. To produce the more robust and more appealing proposal, they will outline your proposal's key stages, style, and concept showcasing your business.

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Business Plan

Writing a business plan can be a daunting experience. Our experts will create a plan for your business that is simplified and structured. We will define the necessary elements of your business plan and lay out a concrete picture of your business to ensure the purpose and vision is crystal clear.

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Application Process

The application process can deter you. You may experience the burden of excessive paperwork, unnecessary details, and a long list of equations to answer. You might feel like giving up due to the unclarity and complexity of the application process. Sometimes the paperwork can be improper, which may lead to delays and longer wait times. We have that made easy for you. We provide you personalized service, which makes the process simple and easy for you.

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After you have applied Coaching

The coaching program we offer will equip you in essential areas of skill development. Program features:

    • Assisting in Due Diligence
    • Mentorship by key industry leaders
    • Professionally developed business plan, executive summary and pitch deck.
    • Communication Skills and Interview Preparation

After You Arrive

Accommodations and Real Estate agents

Banking and Legal advisors

Social and Local Services Coordinators and Acceptance

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