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GEDHS supports women-led businesses, guiding them toward success and turning their dreams into thriving realities.

Global Entrepreneurs Development Hubs (GEDHS) provides comprehensive programs and services to women entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them to establish a successful and sustainable business in Canada.

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We Help Startups to Turn Their Dreams into Successful Sustainable Businesses

To empower Startups to address their business challenges, we created “GEDHS” a comprehensive Consulting Service, we help startups to turn their dreams into successful sustainable businesses. GEDHs is run by a group of Professionals & Entrepreneurs who are committed to help the Startups to Scaleup & grow their business in Canada.

Building a strong foundation for Startups is a top priority for us. We can help you differentiate your business among your competitors; we are committed to providing high-touch service while helping you to build a profitable and efficient business. 

The personalized guidance offered by our Business Consultants, Mentors and Coaches can help you take a disciplined approach to achieving success—whether you’re looking to move to Canada on Start Up Visa or want to develop long-term strategic plans for your business or address short-term tactical issues, we will have a solution for you.

  • Conduct Due Diligence
  • Connect with Compatible Firms

Our insights and resources provide a wealth of information to help guide you through every phase of the Application process, transition process; materials include workshops, webcasts, articles, checklists and more.

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One of the few GEDHs specific services of its kind, can help you find the right Firms to help and grow your business and help you settled in Canada

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Your Benefits with GEDHS

  • Guidance in helping you to gain a full understanding of the benefits and complexities of Canada Start up Visa Program
  • Assistance during the decision-making and Application process involved while applying for it
  • Access to third-party consultants and resources that helps you in your transition and immigration process 
  • Services that connect your Start up with other Businesses that may be interested in your Services or Products
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How to Begin

By using GEDHS Consulting Services, you can make better- informed decisions and proceed with confidence down a path that will help transform your successful practice into a sustainable business.

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Our business consultants provide you with personalized solutions and support.

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Workshops, conferences, roundtables, and webinars are available throughout the year, providing you with opportunities for practical learning and the exchange of ideas and best practices with peers and experts.

Access Online Resources

We bring you best practices tools, insights, and resources to address a range of your business specific needs.

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